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Spring Equinox 2024


It's that time again. The March Equinox is just a day away. It goes without saying that this is a significant moment in our yearly energetic calendar. This Equinox is followed closely by an Eclipse season. Some call it a doorway to intensity!

We know the Equinoxes are very a powerful time energetically - known for their transformative powers, they help us set course for the next few months and embody a principle of balance at a fundamental level that is quite unique. The March Equinox is followed closely by two eclipses and some very potent astrology. It's always a point of high energy, of deep realignment with what is true and important. The Earth's calendar shifts into a catalytic time of upward and outward growth. We are just as much a part of nature as the animals and the plants and this is the time of year where we awaken and are lit up by the potential of our own lives and selves. If you listen at all to astrologers, they speak of an ending that we are all in as humanity, and of the potentials we are walking toward.

So whilst I'm sorry to say I cannot join you tomorrow for a no doubt beautiful Equinox dip, I do encourage those of you who are able to, to find some time in the day to take a sea bathe and reflect on this day - what is traditionally observed as a time of rebirth and renewal - and as you dip, to consider what has been and what you'd like to see unfold for you over the coming months. I'll be with you in spirit, just in the forest ;)

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