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A little bit about us

We're now a fully fledged society with an incredible array of members. Originally set up by me, I'm Justine and I'm passionate about wild swimming, the environment and all things outdoors, adventurey and collaborative. I grew up in Cornwall and before that I was born right by the Gower Peninsula, so water is in my blood. I've come across so many women, young and old, who say they'd love to go swimming but are too afraid, think they are too old, lack confidence or are body conscious. I want to change that and get the swim back in Selsey (and beyond) by creating a community where we can share, experience, have fun and be together, both in the sea and in the events and talks I plan to organise once a month throughout the year. 

I discovered Selsey many years ago thanks to Lorna Priddis, a well-known, and hopefully not forgotten, minor celebrity of the area. A formidable lady who I greatly admired and who has inspired me to set this community up. Lorna raised thousands of pounds for local causes and was responsible for funding much of the costs for the care centre in Selsey. She inspired many of her younger generation in the town to join her shows, persuading them to rejoice in the pastime of acting where she freely gave her time to raise money for charity in-between her beloved teaching. I dedicate the Selsey Sea Bathing Community to her and all the good she did  in her lifetime for all those in need of love, help and fun. After all, what good is life without these 3 things.

You'll now find us on a private Facebook page for Selsey Sea Bathing Society, just click the link below to request to join. And also on Instagram. 

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