Why this, why now?

Selsey Sea Bathing Society is a celebration of the sea, of community and of this beautiful area once known as Seal Island. My hope is that this becomes a community where like-minded women (men can also attend by member invitation) who love the sea, come together primarily to bathe in the cool waters of East and West Beach (and perhaps even further beyond). Bathing aside, in the colder months, it will also be a community which gathers to share what’s important to us, to listen to great talks we plan to host one evening a month, and also to help the local community by coming up with fun ways to raise money for good causes that are close to our hearts.

In essence, Selsey Sea Bathing Society is an excuse to celebrate this magnificent coastline as well as enjoying each other's company. We are open to women who would love to sea bathe but feel afraid or unconfident to swim alone, to those who need help getting in and out of the water and to those who just like the sound of this community and want to join in with the talks and events and just watch by the side-lines those of us who brave the chilly waters when they would rather not! 

At present we are free to join and we aim to keep it that way for as long as possible.  Events where talks are from speakers who charge a fee will be chargeable, but we’ll aim to keep this at a cost of no more than £10pp and day trips to destinations outside Selsey which require paid-for transportation will also be chargeable, but again, we will aim to keep these as low-cost as possible. We are a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to benefit the community, not our pockets.


Read more about our plans and story here.