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Communities that have inspired us in Cornwall, Wales & East Sussex have successfully formed societies where people get together to bathe in the sea, offering an opportunity for them to bond, help with the loneliness epidemic we face in this country, improve their confidence in the water and regain their love of the sea. 

What we offer


Our main reason for being will be sea bathing, but we also plan to organise other exploratory activities which may include:

  • From as much of the year as possible, organise monthly gatherings to swim together on East and West Beach

  • Organise talks at various points during year where we'll gather to hear members talk about their fascinating lives, plus local aficionados teaching us more about our environment and how we can play our part in helping to protect it

  • Organise fun days away to discover other coastal areas - again to aid loneliness as well as increase local knowledge on our precious environment

  • Come together for charitable work - creating fun events where society members can fundraise for local charities

  • Promote wellbeing by writing about the benefits of sea bathing

  • Organise beach cleans supported by members to increase local knowledge on caring for their environment

  • Organise 'swaps' with other outdoor bathing clubs

There are so many possibilities, all which stem from a simple love of the sea. The Society will be used as a method of bringing together people of this seafaring community, as well as delivering environmental awareness to members and increasing confidence and combating loneliness.

Why this is a great idea!

The people of Selsey are passionate about their coastline and seafaring history, but historically, only a small proportion of locals go swimming regularly in the sea. Why is this?


Partly it's down to the fact that as we get older, we either lose our confidence, need a bit of encouragement or just don’t have anyone to go for a swim with. Loneliness has become an epidemic in our country. In creating Selsey Sea Bathing Society, making it fun, creative and inspiring, I hope it will attract a community of like-minded people who feel inspired to get outdoors and onto the beach (in the Spring, Summer and Autumn) and over the Winter months gain knowledge from wonderful talks on the environment, take part in beach cleans and raise money from the fun events we’ll aim to organise. 

Rules of Engagement

All we ask of our members is the following:

  • You have a genuine love of the sea, from watching, to dipping in toes to fully submerging 

  • Support others who may not be confident getting in the sea 

  • Treat everyone in this community with respect

  • You have an appreciation of yourself & of others

  • Know that all are welcome

  • Have fun and enjoy everything this opportunity offers us!

Please note that anyone who takes part in any Selsey Sea Bathing gathering does so at their own risk and takes full responsibility for themselves and their conduct.

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