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September & sea safety

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

What a wonderful few hours we spent together on Saturday. Thank you SO much to everyone who came and I'm sorry that those who wanted to make it, but couldn't. Hopefully you'll all enjoy this little video I put together to capture some of the highlights including the RNLI talk and Chris's magnificent vintage-looking costume - brilliant! Out of my compliments on her costume came the idea of crowdfunding for a Sea Bathing Machine - something I have had in my dream-bank for some years now! However, I had a quick look this morning at someone who's tried to make this a reality in Margate and it was extremely stressful, so might have to re-think that one!

It was another great turnout and this month we focussed not just on bathing and cake, but also learning! The Community Safety Officer for Selsey RNLI kindly gave up his Saturday morning to talk to us about sea safety. You can find the notes by clicking this link which should take you to a PDF document to download.

Also, I understand Co-Op and ASDA are both selling some wetsuits - they may only be shorties (no long arms or legs) but still, they are useful up until the end of October I'd say. I have to say, whilst they are very expensive, the company that I would always recommend for wetsuits are Patagonia because they are massively principled when it comes to the environment and their wetsuits are made from natural rubber. But, they are very expensive, so for now I only have a jacket and bought that in their sale! Here is the link anyway, if eco-credentials are important to you.

People also asked for a link to the rash vests I have been wearing. I've got mine over the years for windsurfing, and from various sources, as always found them, at least in the mind, to help with the cold! I've had a quick look and found this company offering them and they have a sale on - so hope this is helpful!

That's it for now! Next gathering, which should still be manageable is October 12th. Sign up here. After that, it's down to the very brave, or joining for the winter activities I'll be putting on, beginning with the Marine Ecology Walk in November. It's free to attend as the Society is paying for it, but please do make a charity donation if you can (I'll bring a pot for this for a whip-round). Thanks for all the charity donations you've been making so far - I must get a proper pot for those and count what we have. When we have a little more we can start thinking about which good cause(s) to give it to.

And on that note, thank you so much to Ralph who has now made and brought his wonderful cakes to us for two gatherings. He does this off his own back and will accept nothing in return. Thank you so much again Ralph, you're the best cake-maker this side of Bognor ;) (as is Jean!).

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