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World Swim hat day 2022

What an amazing day we had on Saturday, with 50 or so people turning up in their finest millinery creations, to dip together in the not-so-chilly-for-October waters off the Selsey coastline. We were joined by a new swimming group formed recently at Siddlesham, The Brass Monkeys, as well as some of the ladies Bognor Blue Tits, who we always love to see.

Thank you so much to all of you who came to dip or support, to those who brought cakes and shared their smiles. Thank you also to Donna for spotting the event online and suggesting it. I'm sure it will feature in the 2023 calendar of events!

Here are some images from the day, courtesy of Coastal JJ, who kindly offered to come along to take a few photos (we've since had quite a flurry of sign ups as a result).

And a video of the day for those of you who could not make it.

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