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why cold weather is good for us

I saw this and thought it might be useful and inspiring for us when we look outside and think 'urgghh, it looks grim'. Well, science has proven it's actually very good for us to get out - whether it's for a walk by the sea, or in any of the incredible nature reserves we have on our doorsteps - pushing yourself to get out in the cold it seems will do you the world of good!

The research shows that being outside in cold weather goes beyond the usual health benefits of getting fresh air, but the cold actually adds even more positive effects to your physiological and mental health.

  1. Cold Weather Helps Us Think Clearly Studies show that people focus and apply themselves more effectively in a cold setting than in a hot setting. This means that you could experience more aha moments in the cold, potentially leading to some great ideas and problem-solving.

  2. No Allergies in the Cold We often complain about allergies in spring and summer, but pollen counts are virtually non-existent in the cold, so you won't have to deal with the many allergy symptoms at this time of year.

  3. Inflammation is lower In cold weather, our blood vessels constrict, reducing their surface area so that we lose less heat. This means that there is less swelling in the body. When the temperature is low, it acts in the same way as an ice pack, which can contribute to a more comfortable experience.

  4. Winter can Rejuvenate the Skin Because the cold lowers inflammation this can reduce puffiness and redness on the skin. We also tend to produce less sebum and oil when it's cold, leading to clearer skin and less breakouts.

  5. Better Sleep We all know what it's like to be too hot to sleep and this is actually because the body temperature has to be lowered when we go to bed for us to be able to nod off. This process is much faster in winter of course, meaning that there is potential for us to get to sleep quicker in winter.

There you have it! Thanks to the Forest Bathing Institute for putting the findings of this research together in a digestible format.

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