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Water is life

SSBS July Gathering

The most revered thing on earth is surely water. Not only because it is vital to our survival, but also because it is the essence of all life. When we look at how the universe is made up, we learn that water exists in a variety of forms, whether it is ice, or vapour, from planets to comets to clouds. Water comprises 70% of the earth’s surface and 70% of our bodies. How interesting is that!

When we take a look at the size of our oceans, we realise that these interconnected bodies of water are home to a majority of the life on our planet. Our seas are integral to sustaining our world’s natural systems of flow, regulating our climate, mediating temperatures and determining rainfall, droughts and floods. Our oceans absorb carbon dioxide, just as the plants on the land, and are integral to the oxygen we breathe. It is not only home to millions of species of life, but also an incredible water farm that feeds a billion people each day.

When we enter the sea, we immerse ourselves in this liquid life, water gently colliding with our skin, cleansing, infusing joy, health and serenity into every cell of our body. The sound of the water drowns out any noise happening on the land and washes away the worries that began there. In the water there is an aloneness that is not lonely. It accentuates the feeling of being alive, heightening emotions, underscoring a sense of peace to be immersed in nature, either at one with ourselves, or in the company of others who share the experience with us.

In Selsey, surrounded by the sea, we have this gentle reminder each day of the value we should place on our earth and ourselves. It is our duty to be the caretakers of our planet. Since water is the essence of life, it is good to remind ourselves that it, too, is a living thing. If we can learn to flow like water, to become as water, we will understand the importance of the interconnection we have with all of life.

And on that note, the Society continues to flourish. Unfortunately I wasn't around at the last moment for July's gathering, so Donna Trethewey kindly stepped in to oversee things. People gathered at the bottom of Warner Road on the beach and took their own drinks and snacks as I wasn't around to open the house to all who came.

I hadn't done quite such a big push on advertising the event as I usually do, and also quite a few people emailed to say they were away or with family, so there weren't the usual 30+ people, but more than enough to make it another great event! It seems that Pam + 1 nearly tripped on some fishing line. So they took it up onto the beach with the intention of binning it but forgot to take it with them, so hopefully the other half of the work was done by a passerby! People joked about having 1950s style swimming hats which is something I looked into when I first had the swim hats printed (too expensive!) So I agree, it might be fun to have a swimming hat competition for September's gathering! Donna also suggested that one of our winter month's talks might come in the form of a Selsey seashore ecology walk and talk from Anya at Mulberry Divers, so I am looking into that now for mid November.

Our next gathering is Saturday 17th August as part of the Selsey Festival programme. As ever, all are welcome. We’ll meet at 11am at 1 Clayton Court, 23 Clayton Road, Selsey. Please sign up on the website to attend

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