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Rivers Of Gold

Today, 28th October 2023 at 6pm, we have a partial lunar eclipse. This is when the shadow of the Earth passes over the surface of the moon.

What is a lunar eclipse and what does it mean for us?

The Sun, earth and moon have to be in alignment for an eclipse to happen and these powerful alignments create changes within us, due to the gravity and electromagnetic fields that we live within. I find it interesting because it’s said that these periods allow us a greater sense of freedom from our habitual patterns.

You’ll no doubt have seen and felt the rollercoaster of energies, emotions, opportunities, and collapses that are occurring all around us right now. It may have felt chaotic to you, or it may have made you feel very alive, depending on what roller coaster you're experiencing. If, during this period, you can begin focussing on becoming more aware of the feelings that arise within you, as they arise, it will present you with an opportunity to increase your ability to let go of the old patterns that are no longer serving you. The most important skill we can craft right now is being able to stay centred in amongst all this chaos.

Our relationship with money, finances, self-worth, and value is very much in the mix right now. Fear and scarcity are, as I’m sure you are aware, amplified right now. It’s important more than ever to remind ourselves that our worth and value are not externally measured in the way we have been led to believe in this Western culture of ours, not in any way. Even though we live in a world turned upside down, where it seems that is exactly what happens.

I’ve been reading today about idea of The River Of Gold and how this period of eclipses is a time for us to stop playing and pretending that anyone has any power over us other than that which we grant them – this goes in our personal life, but also in this world where money is controlled by a few, and they have all the power.

The River of Gold is the idea that there is a perpetual flow of Universal Abundance that runs, like a River of Gold, deep within us. Over millennia we have distanced ourselves from this River Of Gold, which is an actual energetic reality. Astrologers will tell us that the truth of what and who we really are is beginning to emerge, and it is so much than we have been led to believe. They say that this is the truth, the reality.

I read the River Of Gold described as this and thought it was rather wonderful.

"The River of Gold flows deep inside you all of the time. It is never not present. It is a Universal flow of abundance and sustenance, and you cannot be disconnected from it. Man has moved away from the inner reality of this, and so places value in, and seeks after gold trinkets outside of himself. This River of Gold is the true source of your worth, and it flows inside, always. Make this your reality. "

Can you sit quietly for a moment this evening and imagine a bright, liquid gold flow of Source rising up from within yourself? This eclipse portal, which will ripple on long past this weekend's final Lunar Eclipse of 2023, is a strong call into our heart, into our truth, and into power. It's time to let that power flow. Allow yourself to be filled from within by The River of Gold that was always there.

Thank you to David Manning for his words and wisdom on this subject.

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