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our May coronation special gathering

Well, the weather may not have been up to much, and the waves may have been, well, just a little too wavey as we waded into the sea at West Beach, but the rest of the gathering was as beautiful as ever. We had guests, new faces turn up and even an under-10 year old join us, which led me to realising we don't often have children at our gatherings! It wasn't the weather for hanging around too long, and of course, people had plenty of places to be on the day of the Big Lunch and it being a Bank Holiday, coronation-special weekend, but all the same, the cheese straws (thanks Alex), homemade banana and chocolate cake (thanks Mave) and royal-inspired cupcakes (thanks Karen & Moira) came out, we laughed and shared stories, small snippets of our lives, as we always do.

Here's a snapshot of the morning, although apologies, there weren't as many photos as I'd have liked.

Along with one from Alex's Hoe, Hoe, Hoe session earlier. Thanks I'm sure from everyone for Alex's passion for setting this up and continuing the process until the entire East Beach is weed-free (perhaps?!) and to Andrea, Ali, Sue and Caroline for helping.

Until next time...and still waiting for some warmth to arrive on our shores!

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