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Our Chichester observer coverage

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

We managed to get some coverage in the Chichester Observer this week in regard to our first gathering, which was wonderful to see. One member wrote to me off the back of seeing the article, asking me if the Society was about loneliness and isolation (as the article had suggested). And yes, it is. But it's also about so many other things. It's about sharing. And bonding. It's about being with others who share the same love of the sea - whether that's to look at it, dive into it, have a splash up to the knees - whatever works for each of us on any given day. I am passionate about the sea's abilities to heal us, whether the wounds are deep or shallow. I am also passionate about people; good people who want to give as well as receive. We could not have asked for a better turn out of good folk who shared these same values. So, whatever reasons we turn up for on the day, we welcome them all and welcome you all. Here is the article from the Observer below:

Sea bathing community scheme launched in Selsey

Justine said 30 people from as far as Bosham turned up on Selseys West Beach for the event.

A new sea bathing community venture has been launched in Selsey to help tackle loneliness and isolation.

Selsey Sea Bathing Society founder Justine Clement, who oversaw the launch of the event on Saturday, May 25, said it went ‘incredibly well’.

She added: “Last week in Selsey a fun new venture went live. Crowdfunded partly by the West Sussex Community Initiative Fund, the society aims to help tackle issues such as loneliness in the community, lack of confidence and inactivity.

“It is one of the many successful projects which has been made possible by their valuable Community Initiative Fund. Local councillor Carol Purnell also attended the event.

“It’s the first of its kind and the launch was really great fun.”. Justine said 30 people from ‘as far as Bosham’ turned up on Selsey’s West Beach for the event, ‘enthused by the idea of a paddle, swim or just some tea, cake and chat’. “We had people of all ages turn up, from 30 up to 85,” she continued.

“They were great people all helping each other, linking hands, having a paddle and swapping numbers. It met all of its objectives and we had quite a big sign up.”

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