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Meeting Selsey project: Word Cloud

We've been approached by Craig Mehra, a Selsey based Visual Storyteller with an interest in the use of visual art to inform, connect and impact communities, if we'd be part of a slow-burn, Socially Engaged Project, which will consist of a number of mini projects that reflect what it means to be part of a community such as this, which we hope will culminate in a possible open-air exhibition and small book, telling the story of a number of communities in Selsey - us being the first.

We've begun this very slowly with Craig blowing up a few images of a few of you to see how these would look if they formed part of an outdoor exhibition (simply a test, they won't be used) and thank you to Pixie and Angela for allowing these to be shown at the Christmas gathering.

Next up was simply taking a few Polaroids of people as they came out of the sea at the January gathering and asking them to describe their experience. It was a very cold and windy day, I dropped the pen, and it was hard to explain in those conditions! But we made a start.

Now Craig has put into words what we hope to achieve, a copy of which will be posted out to everyone in the January newsletter, with a copy below, to explain what we might be asking you over the coming months. Next up, Craig would like to make a Word Cloud out of our adjectives for describing what it means to be a part of this sea bathing community. This is going out in the January newsletter, but you can also access the 1-question survey below.

We're asking

How does it make you feel to be a part of the Selsey Sea Bathing Society in 3-5 single words?

And to read a few details that I've asked Craig to put together to explain to you all what this is about - please see below for a rough PDF, just click on the link to open this up.

Download PDF • 4.79MB

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