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Mark Sharman Cinematographer live talk march 21

It was wonderful to see so many of you last night and thank you once again to Mark for a truly inspiring talk about his life and his work. I for one was struck by his humbleness, honesty, likeability and tenacity. And if you're reading this Mark, my mum's comment was that you were also very dishy ;)

Joking aside, I'm truly grateful for the time and energy each one of you have given up to give a talk and share your lives with us on Zoom. I wanted to share with you some of the mentions from the talk last night so that you can look these up, if you want to, at your leisure. Personally, for me, understanding the Help Your Kelp project is hugely fascinating and time well spent. You can find the page here and/or click the link below to watch the video filmed by Mark off the coast of Selsey (mostly the barren sections are Selsey and near the IOW are the healthy kelp forests) and narrated by David Attenborough

Mark also mentioned the wonderful sounding Italian made-to-measure 2-piece wetsuits in case any of you are interested. As we mentioned, there is no wetsuit that suits all weathers and purposes, that's just the way it is I'm afraid. So either buy a few or go with what you think you'll wear the most. Here is the link to their website Elios Wetsuits.

Then, lastly, the film I'd love to watch is Jago and I've found it here to watch free on youtube.

Firstly this looks great, the filming of it

And here the movie itself

Dates up for the next Zoom in a few weeks time with Avril, Janet and Ali will be with you soon.


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