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Happy Christmas to all

Thank you soooo much to all those of you who managed to make it today, it was truly wonderful and I'm so grateful as know it's a busy time of year. The waves crashed against the sea wall and buffeted into the sunroom doors. And whilst the house shook, the bad Christmas tunes (except for Chris Rea) played merrily in the background whilst we tucked into our resident cake maker Ralph's exceptional new creation - a Christmas Pavalova!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has turned up this year to support this ever-giving community. Each month I wonder if one person or thirty will turn up and every month I am surprised at the numbers and warmed to the cockles of my heart how at lovely everyone is who walks through the door and (weather-permitting) onto the beach here beside us. These events are self-fulfilling in that they take on a life of their own, and people, by just being themselves, contribute more than I could ever have asked for.

Whilst today was too dangerous to swim (promise, we were up for it!) we watched the weather and the sea do its best to delight and awe us with its power and majesty. Lorraine had not only just stepped off a plane from Singapore (working, not enjoying herself!), she'd also endured a 3.5hr bus journey home via Brighton! Yet still she arrived with a smile and her usual grace - thank you so much for coming as I know it would have been easier to slip under the duvet ;) Donna had a diary malfunction and raced back from her 10 mile walk with her dogs in order to join us. And I'm sure there were other stories too. And also a big thank you so much again to Ralph. Every month he spends his time and money making us a cake. And every time he's so humble as to suggest it may not taste as good as it looks. But of course, every time (we all know it) it tastes like something you'd buy from the best patisserie in Paris. Thank you SO much Ralph for all you have given us this year, along with your lovely wife Angie. You are beautiful people.

Here are a few more images from today.

See you in 2020! The start of a new decade. Not sure how bright it will be after these elections - we can but hope!

Here's a link again to the 2020 gatherings. I've made a couple of changes as the dates clashed with the swims a few of us are doing

Just to remind you if you want to join in:

1. River Arun 3.8km Sat 20th June (you get carried along with the tide apparently!

2. St Michaels Mount in Cornwall Sat 15th August

Donna and myself are signed up so far with Alex about to. So if any others fancy it, that would be wonderful!

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