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August gathering wasn't quite a heatwave!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came along today to brave the rough(ish) seas and inclement weather to gather for our August meet up.

We made the last minute decision to pool cars and head over to East Beach where the conditions were at least a little more favourable - though still quite wavey! There was quite a bit of tentativeness, understandably, and wavering (pardon the pun) but in the end, pretty much everyone decided to partake in a bathe, so we had around 16 of us in the sea at once which was exceptional considering the distinctly un-August-like conditions!

We bobbed and bounced around in the waves for quite a while, laughing and enjoying all that the sea had to offer us. The light danced on the surface of the water and everyone was genuinely overjoyed at the experience that sea bathing offered us today.

Both my goddaughter (overseen by her mother, as she's only 6 ;) plus Ralph from the community, made Victoria sponges, so we headed back to Clayton Road for tea and cake to replenish our reserves and sent everyone on their way, happy, buzzy and contented.

Here are some of the images from another wonderful gathering.

See our events page for September's gathering which includes a talk from the RNLI on sea safety for 30 mins before we head for a bathe. We'll still be bathing in October as the sea is still warm. Then in November I'm just busy organising an ecology shore walk with Anya from Mulberry Divers (free to attend, we just just you put a few pounds in our charity box) at low tide (details will be up on the events page shortly) plus in December I'll be organising a trip to Chichester where I'm planning to rent the Picture Palace by Newgate Cinema in Chichester to show The Big Blue - it's a brilliant movie! We'll need to pool rides and we're allowed to take Prosecco and nibbles for our movie viewing! Only 13 places available. The cost is £75 for the hire which we'll be covering as we're not allowed to charge for the tickets, but it would be good if again, people can make a donation to charity and a few of us willing to drive and bring along the drinks and nibbles. See here for the next 2 months sign ups and the rest will follow as I organise them:

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