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APRIL'S GATHERING & May birthday party update

It was wonderful to see so many new faces turning up for yesterday's monthly gathering. The sun was out (when is it never out for us?!) and the beach was packed with new faces. Mark had brought friends from land-locked Leicester and 3 lovely ladies arrived all the way from Bognor in their beautiful swim hats and Blue Tit mugs and other gorgeously branded paraphernalia! We could hold our heads up high though, showing off our new badges, artfully sewn onto various bits of clothing, also looking superb.

It was blustery, to say the least, with an easterly wind coming in. But everyone made the most of it and LOVED the bounciness of the waves. We shared some very tasty morsels, brought by Caroline (homemade ginger biscuits) and Alex (cheesy bread), thank you so much for taking the time to make and bring those.

Our 3rd Birthday Party

So, here we are, almost at May - can you believe it?! We'll be checking in with Jenny Landreth, author of the book Swell (amongst others) to make sure she's all set for coming to our 3rd birthday party on Sat 21st May - all are welcome. We have now set the time for 12pm. The location will be near the lifeboat, so the beach by the end of Albion Road (the one the Lifeboat Inn pub is on, for out-of-towners) so people can have access to Potter's, for some amazing seafood salads and sandwiches, and the loos. Justine will be organising a birthday cake for the occasion. It's been recommended you pre-book if you want something from Potters as they can run out quickly - so see: if you want to do that. Or if you don't fancy Potters, come with some lunch (and if you fancy making anything, a little something to share, but absolutely no requirement) and a question or two please for Jenny. If you get the chance to read one of her books in advance, that would be grand, but please do look her up and if you can, think of something good to ask her. She's asked that the format not be a 'talk' as such, but a group chat where we can ask her something. And of course, we'll all have a dip. If anyone has any other suggestions, please do get in touch with Justine about that (email

See you then, can't wait!

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