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2nd gathering brings us more sunshine and cheer!

Thank you SO much to everyone who came for our 2nd gathering here on the West Beach side of Selsey. This time we counted 35 people arriving, which is wonderful, more so because there were also many new faces who couldn't make the first swim. Jean kindly made not one, but three cakes for us to tuck into and I'm so grateful to her for her kindness and generosity. Local councillor Carol Purnell popped by again to say hello and see how we were getting on and we had a family who had only recently settled to Selsey and said they felt happy to be amongst such a warm community of sea-loving folk!

Sun umbrellas at the ready - temperatures hit 75 degrees in Selsey, which was undoubtedly much better than the 90 degrees people were experiencing in London!

Back for tea, cake and putting the worlds to right!

Love this one of my mum and Mike - great hats!

Paul surveys the scene after his long bike ride from Bosham!

So thank you again to everyone who came. We also began a collection for charity. We cover the cost of ingredients for anyone kindly making a cake for our gatherings and then I decided that as we are mostly fit and able, that a small donation each time might be a good idea. We can then build a pot of money up and decide where best to put it. I'll put it to the vote in the coming months and for now, just keep collecting when we gather. I thought about Brent Lodge, someone else liked the First Responders, another suggestion from Carol was to put it towards a wheelchair that can run over the beach. I am very keen on this last idea, but it's going to take a long time to save £2000 and firstly we need to ascertain if there is a need. I hope there is, as nothing would give me greater pleasure than for us to help someone seriously less able back into the water. Thank you all for what you put in, which totalled £31 - an excellent start considering I landed that idea on everyone at the last minute! It just seems like a good idea and I believe everyone agreed. It's all voluntary, so no obligation at all.

Hope to see you next month and don't forget, we have a messenger group going on. If you want to join, here are the instructions (thanks to Paul):

Messenger Group: a group has been started on Messenger which makes it easy for those interested in keeping in touch and find out who, for example, is up for a dip in-between our monthly gatherings. It's easy to get started, here are the instructions. You can sign up and get as much or little as involved in the chats as you like - Messenger is less intrusive than Whatsapp I think:

1. Download the Messenger app from whichever App store is appropriate for your tablet, smartphone, pc. The Messenger app is identified by the logo below.

2. Sign up. If you are a Facebook user, you can use the login for FB; if you don't use Facebook you can sign up with your mobile phone number.

3. When you are signed in, enter the code in your browser search bar. This should let me (Justine) know that you would like to be included in the Group and I will confirm your membership.

4. If you have a problem at all, please email me at

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